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Finally… education backed by science, driven through medical-dental collaboration, to reconnect the mouth and body.

Scientific evidence that oral and overall health are interrelated compels us to think differently, and change the way we care for people. The best way to do this is to create and present well researched and novel educational programs, and share with generosity the resources that offer healthcare providers the greatest opportunity to impact patients’ lives by re-connecting the mouth to the rest of the body.

Casey Hein


Hot Off the Press

Erase and Rethink: Advancing Perio-Sys Science in your Practice
Could Periodontitis Be an Overlooked Co-Infection in the Fight Against COVID-19?

Why Choose Casey?

  • Highly respected speaker of hundreds of national and international presentations at major dental meetings, national, state, and local professional associations, governmental and insurance agencies, Seattle Study Clubs, and universities
  • Well recognized author with hundreds of publications including scientific and professional journals, consensus reports, white papers, and textbook chapters
  • Founder of the first publication on oral-systemic medicine: Grand Rounds in Oral- Systemic Medicine. This quarterly journal was a PennWell publication with an industry- wide distribution
  • Pioneer in and advocate for incorporating periodontal-systemic links into everyday patient care in both medicine and dentistry
  • Creator and author of an oral-systemic health curriculum for physicians, nurses and other non-dental healthcare providers
  • Credited as a visionary in establishing models for dental-medical collaboration in oral health care
  • A seasoned professor and trainer, Casey utilizes adult learning concepts to engage all learners and ensure results
  • As both a practical clinician and owner of a consulting business, Casey has experience resolving the day-to-day challenges experienced in dental practices.
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Become an Early Adopter of Medical-Dental Integration

Dentistry 3.0 is a new philosophy of practice that embraces medical screening in the dental environment. Look for accredited courses to help you master point-of-care screening to identify patients who have or who are at risk for non-communicable and infectious diseases (and life-altering conditions), and offer other primary care services which have traditionally been delivered by physicians and nurses.

Verge of Science

Emerging oral-systemic science (and other good stuff) that helps us think harder.

Reconnecting the mouth to the rest of the body through accredited EDUCATION….A new perspective to the significance of oral health in sustaining overall health, for dental providers and physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other nondental healthcare providers.

Check out courses that offer:

  • Well researched insights that simplify complex biological oral-systemic interrelationships
  • Novel ideas for transferring evidence of oral-systemic links into clinical practice
  • Medical screening in dentistry
  • Models for interprofessional collaboration
  • Sophisticated animations
  • Case studies and storytelling of professional experiences
  • Accredited continuing dental education courses
Florida Probe and Perio Protect provided unrestricted educational grants to support the complimentary dissemination of this course.

Post-Course Implementation Workshop (Virtual)
Designed as a continuation of the course “The Scientist-Clinician in Diagnosis and Long-Term Stabilization of Periodontitis”

Whether presenting live programs, or introducing courses through digital media and online courses, Casey helps learners better understand complex scientific information on the interrelationships between oral and overall health; she stimulates ideas, and fuels lively discussion. Clinicians are empowered to immediately implement what they have learned.

Sponsors' Virtual Exhibitor Hall

Oral-Systemic Health Education for Non-Dental Healthcare Providers

One of her responsibilities at the University of Manitoba was to lead a team in the development of her vision for the first comprehensive curriculum about oral health for physicians, nurses and other non-dental healthcare providers (Oral-Systemic Health Education for Non-Dental Healthcare Providers), which won for the University of Manitoba the prestigious William J. Gies Award for Outstanding Innovation in 2015.

Take a look at the courses Casey developed to educate physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other non-dental healthcare providers about oral-systemic health

Resources - Help Yourself!

Animated Mini-Messages to Educate Patients about Periodontal-Systemic Links
Visitors are invited to preview the first animated mini message. The Mini-Messages are available for registered users to view for patient education. To access all animated mini messages, please take a few minutes to register or login.

Cindy: A Case Study in Intervention of a Teenage Patient at Risk for Obesity and Periodontal Disease

Case-based Learning: Studies for Discussion
Learners and visitors who have registered with Casey Hein & Associates are invited to download copywritten case studies that are posted in this section. These provide a rich opportunity for interactive exploration of cases based on realistic problems encountered in caring for patients with multi-factorial diseases and conditions related to the oral cavity.

Personalized Services

More than ever before, we must be light on our feet to respond to the need for fluid continuing dental education. Whether face-to-face live events, or virtual conferencing, check out Casey’s very popular courses.

Casey has, shall we say, “a ton” of consulting experience. Her clients are from the dental and medical industry, insurance companies, professional associations, academic institutions, media outlets, publishing houses, non-profits, private dental practitioners, physician groups, and start-up companies.

Need help with a writing project? Maybe Casey can help. Check out her extensive editorial experience.

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