Why Choose Casey?

  • Highly respected speaker of hundreds of national and international presentations at major dental meetings, national, state, and local professional associations, governmental and insurance agencies, Seattle Study Clubs, and universities
  • Well recognized author with hundreds of publications including scientific and professional journals, consensus reports, white papers, and textbook chapters
  • Founder of the first publication on oral-systemic medicine: Grand Rounds in Oral- Systemic Medicine. This quarterly journal was a PennWell publication with an industry- wide distribution
  • Pioneer in and advocate for incorporating periodontal-systemic links into everyday patient care in both medicine and dentistry
  • Creator and author of an oral-systemic health curriculum for physicians, nurses and other non-dental healthcare providers (oralhealthed.com)
  • Credited as a visionary in establishing models for dental-medical collaboration in oral health care
  • A seasoned professor and trainer, Casey utilizes adult learning concepts to engage all learners and ensure results

As both a practical clinician and owner of a consulting business, Casey has experience resolving the day-to-day challenges experienced in dental practices. Learn more about Casey Hein

Oral Health Ed - An E-Learning Center

Just Ask Campaign

“How do you collaborate with physicians?”

The 'Just Ask' campaign is an innovative group of enduring resources which are specifically designed to increase the awareness of the significance of periodontal disease within the greater healthcare community and build referral networks.

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Case-based Learning: Studies for Discussion

Learners and visitors who have registered with Casey Hein & Associates are invited to download copywritten case studies that are posted in this section. These provide a rich opportunity for interactive exploration of cases based on realistic problems encountered in caring for patients with multi-factorial diseases and conditions related to the oral cavity.

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Animated Mini-Messages to Educate Patients about Periodontal Health and Systemic Links

Mini Messages for Patient Education about Periodontal Health
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Note: Casey Hein owns the copyright on these animations. Feel free to share the animations with patients; however, posting these animations on another website is a violation of copyright.


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