Casey Hein & Associates

Consulting Services

Casey has extensive consulting experience, with clients in the dental and medical industry, insurance companies, professional associations, academic institutions, media outlets, publishing houses, non-profits, private dental practitioners (periodontists, dentists and dental hygienists), physician groups, and start-up companies.

Her consulting experience includes:

  • Participation on advisory boards (profit and non-profit)
  • Positioning and evergreening of products and services
  • Initiating and guiding medical-dental integration
  • Establishing Centers of Excellence in universities
  • Recommending development of new product
  • Developing clinical protocols
  • Identifying education and training gaps
  • Developing educational programming
  • Recruiting scientific expertise
  • Re-imagining and strategic planning
  • Identifying and leveraging unique competencies for competitive advantage

Consulting services are individualized according to clients’ needs. Please join Casey for a 30-minute virtual cup of coffee (video- or teleconference) to explore your individual venture and see whether Casey is a good match for your consulting needs. To schedule a time for ‘coffee’, please email Casey at

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