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Writing Services

  • Conceptualizing and writing special reports/supplements for scientific journals and the lay press
  • Conceptualizing and writing specially commissioned articles, including solicitation of subject matter experts when necessary, and oversight of an independent medical illustrator with specific expertise in anatomical detail of the oral cavity
  • Developing informative patient education materials related to oral health
  • Conceptualizing and writing information for creative product launches
  • Developing position papers for professional associations
  • Developing white papers for commercial interests
  • Developing marketing materials targeting specific healthcare provider communities
  • Conceptualizing topics and proceedings for consensus conferences and think tanks that ensure accurate and novel approaches to reporting of proceedings
  • Developing proposals and grants related to oral health
  • Writing comprehensive literature reviews and assessments of scientific evidence
  • Writing textbooks (or chapters) specifically related to oral health, dentistry, or dental hygiene
  • Assisting publication houses in the peer review process
  • Assisting researchers in translating their findings into manuscripts to increase manuscript acceptance rate
  • Assisting less experienced writers to increase manuscript acceptance rate

Please consider Casey for your next writing project. Her experience in conceptualization and customization of editorial specific to the dental industry is unique, and fairly extensive.

To inquire about Casey helping on a writing project, please email her directly at, or call her at her office on 240.707.6766.

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