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What is most important in your selection of CE providers?
CostLocationSubject AreaInstructional Methods (Self-Instruction, Lecture, Participation)Instructor QualificationsOther, please explain

What is your preferred method of instruction?
Self-instruction onlineSelf-instructional: video or CDSelf-instructional: articleLive lectureHands-on course in clinical settingLunch and LearnWeekend workshopDestination continuing education

What specific subjects are of interest to you? Please select all that apply.
Implant dentistryTraining in screening/risk assessment for oral diseases and conditionsCosmetic dentistryOrthodontic treatmentComplicated extractionsSalivary diagnosticsDental antioxidant therapyOral microbiology/oral biofilmNew productsNon-surgical periodontal treatmentSurgical periodontal proceduresEndodonticsNon-invasive treatment of cariesCurrent research on periodontal diseasesEmerging evidence of periodontal-systemic relationshipsMedical conditions warranting special precautions during dental poceduresPotential of bisphosphonate therapy to induce osteonecrosis of the jawsOral cancer and other significant oral soft tissue and mucocutaneous lesionsOro-facial pain and temporomandibular joint disturbancesPrevention and emergency management of oral traumaOral manifestations of systemic diseases/conditionsOral complications of treatment of systemic diseases/conditionsThe bi-directional relationship between nutritional and oral healthSustaining oral health of immunocompromised patientsSustaining oral health of special needs patientsEating disorders and the oral cavityPharmaceuticals and the oral cavitySleep apnea, other airway management issues and the oral cavityDrug, alcohol, tobacco dependency and the oral cavityOral manifestations of domestic violence and child abuseRelationship between oral health and quality of lifeOral piercingConsiderations in the oral care of pediatric patientsConsiderations in the oral care of older adultsConditions warranting special precautions related to the oral cavityThe potential of bisphosphonate therapy to induce osteonecrosis of the jawsInstructing patients in self-care of the oral cavityDaily mouth care for care giversCommunity level health promotion and disease prevention strategies related to oral healthInterprofessional collaboration (dentistry and medicine)Sterilization and infection controlEmergency management and airway maintenanceTreatment planningDocumentation and record keepingDental photographyDental radiographyForensic dentistry and role of dental professionals in catastrophic emergency response

Would you be interested in attending an accredited destination learning program that concentrated in application of oral-systemic research in the Rocky Mountains?

How many people from your office may want to attend?

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