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As a service to your Web visitors, Casey Hein & Associates provides direct access to credible and timely information about the relationship between oral health and overall health which are well organized to facilitate easy access. This includes a specific focus on periodontal disease, including translation of evidence into practical clinical application, consensus reports, patient education, screening tools and recommendations for interprofessional collaboration.

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If you would like to offer visitors to your Web site an easy link to the free resources posted at, we encourage you to add text or graphic link to our Web site. If you add a text link, please use the following verbiage: “To link to Casey Hein & Associates, a Dental Education Company focusing on oral-systemic health”. If you add a graphic link to our Webs site, simply click on the adjacent HTML code block and copy it. You may then paste it anywhere on your Web site, which will automatically create a link to


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