AV and Set-Up Requirements

Following below is important information for meeting planners who are contemplating inviting Casey to present. We hope this information about audio-visual requirements, speakers’ fees, potential sponsorship, and customization of courses will be helpful.

Audio-visual Needs:

1 wireless lavaliere microphone with a spare battery
2 wireless microphones (for participation of large audiences as needed)
LCD projector that interfaces with SONY VIO (minimum 2000 lumens)
Audio capability; for transmission of audio accompanying video segments (sound system, loudspeaker system)
All audio and video connections
Screen appropriate for the size of the audience; 2 screens if necessary
Competent technical support available at least one hour before presentation and on call during the presentation


Casey does not use a podium. Please provide a small table for the front center for the lap top, and an additional table for demonstration items
Bar stool
Bottled water
Room configuration:
1st choice: Crescent rounds (60″ rounds, seating 4-6 to a table facing forward)
2nd choice: Classroom style (tables to write on); set up in a chevron formation
3rd choice: Lecture style