A Special Note of Welcome to Meeting Planners

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Thank you for your interest in oral-systemic research and considering me for one of your upcoming programs.

Oral diseases have garnered quite a bit of attention from governmental authorities, professional organizations, health departments, insurance companies, radio, television and press. In addition, there has been a major call for increasing the awareness of the significance of oral health in the prelicensure and continuing education of physicians, nurses, dieticians, and other non-dental healthcare providers.

Programs are designed not Just for Oral Healthcare Providers but the Spectrum of Healthcare Professionals

I hope you will take a few minutes to review the course descriptions of evidenced-based programs I have given in the past. Click here to access course descriptions. My audiences have been not only for oral healthcare providers (i.e., dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants) but I also present to non-dental healthcare providers (i.e., physicians, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals) customized continuing medical education courses about aspects of oral health which are particularly relevant to their discipline.

Courses to Help Medical and Nursing Faculty Incorporate Oral Health into their Curriculum

I also present a course specifically designed to assist educators in undergraduate and graduate schools of health science universities who are tasked with assimilating an oral health curriculum into medicine, nursing, pharmacy, etc., and/or integrating models for interprofessional education. This course provides an excellent overview of the vision and development of the University of Manitoba’s specialized curriculum, Oral-Systemic Health Education for Non-Dental Healthcare Providers, a joint initiative of the Colleges of Dentistry & Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

Creating Added Value for Meeting Planners

The economies of our time make meeting planning particularly challenging, and limitations in resources require event planners to be exceptionally resourceful. With this in mind, there are a number of things related to my presentations that are unique and create added value.

I partner with several other speakers with expertise in such things as practice management (dentistry), and specialty medicine. When another speaker and I share the podium, this makes for a very interesting and well attended course. We may share the podium on one day, and present individual programs on another day of the conference. When speakers partner this way, the travel costs of bringing in additional speakers is mitigated.

Popularity of Case-Based Learning & Course Registrants’ Access to Free Clinical Resources

Most of my courses involve case-based learning which is very effective and very popular. To help meeting planners promote my courses, registrants also have access to pre-course exercises to help stimulate critical thinking skills, and they are offered access to files containing my slides, both of which are posted on our website, www.caseyhein.com.

Through our website, www.caseyhein.com, course participants are also offered access to a host of materials to assist them in clinically implementing what has been explored during the program. This includes a library of free resources which contain templates for patient education materials, interprofessional correspondence, special reports and consensus papers. Proprietary tools for dentists and dental hygienists to build collaboration with non-dental healthcare providers and screen patients for chronic diseases are also available.

Casey Hein & Associates is an approved PACE Program Provider

For organizations or private study clubs that are not approved as providers of accredited continuing DENTAL education, Casey Hein & Associates, an Approved PACE Program Provider, is pleased to provide accreditation through offering a jointly hosted program.

Translating the base of knowledge related to oral-systemic interrelationships into action, and bridging the gap between knowing and doing, is the focus of all my presentations whether I am speaking to dentists, dental hygienists, physicians, nurses, diabetes educators, pharmacists, dieticians, or other disciplines. I would be excited to work with you on your next meeting. I hope you will call us.