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Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Time: 8:00 pm EST
Format: Live webinar FREE
CDE credits awarded: 1.0

Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Casey Hein & Associates, LLC received unrestricted educational grants from Florida Probe and Perio Protect to assist in the development of this course and the ability to provide complimentary access to this course along with awarding CDE credit. I want to thank Florida Probe, and Perio Protect for their generosity in supporting this program.

If you’ve recently attended one of our webinars, you can retrieve your certificate(s) by following the post-webinar Instructions below.

Before You Begin – Registration: Although you would have registered separately to enroll for one or more live webinars, you must also be logged in here at and registered to the webinar in order to access and retrieve your verification certificate.

Before You Begin – Verification Code: At the end of the webinar course, participants are given a verification code. You must have this code to access your CDE certificate.

Step 1: Log in and confirm your profile details.
If you have not already, please register and/or login here. Once logged in, on the “My Account” page in the “Customer/Registration Profile” section, be sure to enter your first and last name, and if you are an AGD member, make sure you enter your membership number to ensure we can submit this to the AGD.

Step 2: Select the webinar you attended.
Click on the blue button below corresponding to the webinar you attended to continue to get your CDE Certificate.

Step 3: Enter Your Verification Code.
(At the top of the webinar page, you may see a button labelled “Registered Here”. If that is the case, please click that button before proceeding.)
On the right hand side of the webinar page, enter the verification code you were provided and click submit.

Step 4: Print Your Certificate.
After the code you provided is submitted, a button will appear allowing you to “Print Your Certificate”. Click this button to download a PDF copy of your certificate.

Step 5: Additional Information
Once you have verified your attendance by submitting your code, you can always access your certificate on the “My Account” under the “Your Courses” section.

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