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Perio Protect

Casey Hein Perio Protect Special

  • Become a Provider: $50 off Personalized Training and get your first set of Perio Trays® for FREE!
  • Current Providers: $50 off a Starter Kit, includes 24 tubes of Perio Gel®, demo models, homecare kit, brochures, patient education, chairside guides, counter cards and more.

Perio Trays® from Perio Protect deliver medication deep below the gums to fight infections and inflammation associated with gum disease.

Research shows that the adjunctive deep delivery with the Perio Tray leads to better reductions in bleeding and pocket depths than scaling alone. With 10-15 minute daily applications, patients heal faster and enjoy long-term health.

Perio Protect makes it easy for you to get started. Complete a personalized training program (60-90 minutes) and you will be ready to implement the therapy in your practice.

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