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What are the key messages can we tell patients about periodontal-systemic interrelationships that are scientifically founded. And, given the limited time we can spend with our patients, and how can we be efficient in educating them? Mini-Messages were specifically designed by Casey to help busy clinicians address this hurdle.

Mini-messages are 30 – 70 second animations that explain how periodontal disease increases the risk for a number of inflammatory-driven diseases such as cardio/cerebrovascular disease and pneumonia, in addition to complications of diabetes and in pregnancy. The messages are communicated in layman’s terms, and easily understood by patients, helping them understand why it’s so important to diagnose and treat periodontitis, and making case acceptance more successful.

The video animations can be downloaded to a tablet to share with patients in the operatory, or patients can watch the animations on screens in the reception area. Casey Hein owns the copyright on these animations, which are designed to share with patients during appointments in dental or medical offices. Please note: Posting the animated Mini-Messages on another website is a violation of copyright. Before purchasing, you must agree to follow Terms and Conditions which prohibit use of the Mini-Messages on your website, or other web-based or digital platforms, including educational sites or social media.

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