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Casey is extensively published. Many of the articles and reports listed have links to the original work.
Inspired by the need to be efficient in educating patients about periodontal-systemic links, these 30-45 second animations can be downloaded to a tablet to share with patients in the operatory, or patients can watch the animations on screens in the reception area.
Learners and visitors who have registered with Casey Hein & Associates are invited to download copywritten case studies that are posted in this section. These provide a rich opportunity for interactive exploration of cases based on realistic problems encountered in caring for patients with multi-factorial diseases and conditions related to the oral cavity.
These resources are from the curriculum, Oral-Systemic Health Education for Non-Dental Healthcare Providers, and were specifically developed to assist physicians, nurses and other disciplines to intervene in oral diseases and improve communications with patients and colleagues.
Mounting evidence of oral-systemic interrelationships and the introduction of medical-dental integration requires oral healthcare providers to communicate with our colleagues in medicine and nursing. These templates for dental-medical communication help guide the communication process.
Innovative patient education resources which were designed by Casey Hein are available to everyone.
These screening tools have been developed to assist non-dental healthcare providers to identify individuals who have or who may be at risk for oral diseases, and oral healthcare providers to perform medical screening.
These referral forms have been designed to help healthcare providers cross refer mutual patients who have, or who are at risk for interrelated oral and systemic diseases.
In 2006, Casey founded the first publication on oral-systemic medicine, called Grand Rounds in Oral- Systemic Medicine which sought to increase the awareness of the significance of oral-systemic interrelationships, and medical-dental collaboration in mainstream healthcare.
For progressive practitioners who embrace medical-dental collaboration, check out these articles that propose interprofessional models of care.
Categories include:
  • Oral-Systemic Links
  • Periodontal Disease & CVD
  • Relevant Information on CVD
  • Periodontal Disease & Diabetes
  • Relevant Information on Diabetes
  • Periodontal Disease & Pregnancy
  • Relevant Information on Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
  • Periodontal Disease & Pneumonia
  • Relevant Information on Pneumonia
  • Periodontal Disease & Depression
  • Relevant Information Depression
  • Periodontal Disease & Obesity
  • Relevant Information on Obesity
  • Periodontal Disease Risk Assessment
  • Periodontal Disease Classification & Diagnosis
  • Governmental Reports on Oral Health
  • Future of Dentistry & Dental Hygiene
  • AAP -Related
  • Relevant Educational Reform
  • Point-of-Care Technologies in Dentistry
  • Glucose Testing in the Dental Setting
  • Medical Screening for Systemic Diseases & Conditions
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