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Patient Education

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After registering, healthcare providers are encouraged to download, print and share these supplemental resources, which were designed to improve communications with patients and colleagues.

Grand Rounds Patient Education

Adolescent Obesity & Perio Disease

Helping Parents Understand the Risks of Childhoodand Adolescent Obesity and the Suspected Link to Gum Disease

Adult Obesity & Perio Disease

Alerting Patients About the Role of Obesity in Increasing the Risk for Gum Disease

Complications of TX for Head & Neck Cancer

Oral Complications of Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer: What You Need To Know

Diabetes & Perio Disease

Helping Patients with Diabetes Understand the Two-Way Relationship Between Diabetes and Gum Disease

Immunocompromised Condition & Oral Health

The Compromised Immune System and Your Mouth

Maintaining Oral Health through Aging

Helping Patients Understand the Importance of Maintaining Oral Health Throughout the Aging Process

Perio Disease & CVD

Helping Patients Understandthe Suspected Link Between Gum Disease and Heart Attack/Stroke

Perio Disease & Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis and Oral Health: Potential for Thinning Jaw Bones

Pregnancy & Oral Health

Helping Patients Understand the Importance ofOral Health Before and During Pregnancy

Other Patient Education

Journal of the American Medical Association – Periodontal Disease


Mission Healthy Weight Families

Letter from practice to announce obesity screening

Smart Snacking Chart

Performing an Oral Cancer Self-Exam: Step-by-Step Instructions

Anticipatory Guidance Sheets – What to Expect from Birth-Age 3

Anticipatory Guidance Sheets – What to Expect from Ages 3-6

Anticipatory Guidance Sheets – What to Expect from Age 6-12

Anticipatory Guidance Sheets – What to Expect from Ages 12-19

First Aid for a Lost Adult Tooth

Handout about Improving Immunity by Treating Periodontitis

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