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Terms & Conditions

Casey Hein & Associates holds the copyright on all the electronic/digital resources/products (E/DR/P’s) that are sold on Before purchasing, you must agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. E/DR/P’s are for patient education and clinician education and training, not marketing, and as such, can ONLY be used on devices within the physical setting of the purchaser, and cannot be placed on purchasers’ websites, or other web-based platforms, including educational sites or social media.
  2. E/DR/P’s cannot be duplicated, displayed, distributed, modified, published, reproduced, stored, transmitted, posted, translated, embedded or created in/for other derivative works, or sold, rented or licensed in any medium to any entity (e.g., person, businesses, educational institutions), except as expressly permitted by written consent from Casey Hein or her designate.
  3. Purchasers are responsible for physically and electronically securing E/DR/P’s from unauthorized use or access, taking all necessary steps to ensure that employees/students/patients do not place the E/DR/P’s on web-based platforms, educational sites or social media.
  4. Casey Hein’s logos cannot be removed from the E/DR/P’s.
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