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1. Setting the groundwork for your Elementor single post template

  • First things first, yes, you still need a WordPress theme to begin with. Elementor doesn’t replace your theme but rather works alongside it, simply improving on this and that.
  • Also, don’t worry about losing your theme’s default single post template. What we’re doing here won’t delete any of your theme’s files. If you ever want to come back to that standard template, you can.

Before we get to work with Elementor, let’s make sure that you have at least one complete, representative post on your blog. Meaning, something that you consider an excellent example of what your average blog post looks like.

We’re going to use that post when previewing your new template. We’re doing that just so we get to work on some real content, instead of having to rely on half-empty posts.

With that out of the way, let’s begin building the template.

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