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Casey was contracted to speak at the Arizona Dental Association’s 2020 convention. When it was clear that the convention needed to be converted to a virtual event because of COVID-19, Casey was so flexible and accommodating. Her courses were very well attended (over 1300 attendees in one of them), informative and engaging. She is a true professional in every sense of the word! She was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to being able to work with her again in the near future.

Shana Abrahams Manager of Meetings and Educational Programs AzDA | Arizona Dental Association

Thank you so very much for making a superb contribution to our programming at the 25th Annual Scientific Session in Honolulu this year. It is always challenging to find evidence-based program material from the ranks of hygienists and your perspective and material certainly put you at the top of anyone’s list. Because your content is relevant and important for dentists as well as staff members, we will be looking to include you in many programs in the future. Your presentation skills are excellent, your material solid and your ability to relate to a wide audience population is superb. Many thanks for being ahead of the curve and bringing your material to our Academy.

Sandy Roth
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

a superb contribution to our programming

Way to go! You are awesome! So happy the medical profession is getting this. I am looking forward to the day we’re all working together for overall better health.

Ghita Denon
St. Helen’s Shadow Study Club
Vancouver, Washington

helps us open our eyes to interdisciplinary care

Casey Hein is a leading authority on the Oral/Systemic link and her presentation to our study club has generated huge interest especially amongst the team members of the individual offices. I have had requests from offices to provide more information regarding her topic in follow up to the study club event. In her presentation, not only does she define the current research supporting the Oral/Systemic connection but she also creates a vision for us as to how we can use this information to talk with patients and change the scope of our practices. She helps us open our eyes to interdisciplinary care extending beyond dentistry and into the realm of all health care providers. In keeping with the SSC concept of treatment planning and group participation, the case study portion of her presentation resulted in lively participation from everyone in attendance. I highly recommend her as a presenter for the entire dental team and her presentation has a unique fit within the framework of the Seattle Study Club.

J. Mark Beckstead, DDS
Director, Palo Alto Study Club
Palo Alto, California

Very educational, I love the way that someone has finally teaching about how the mouth is part of the body, and everything is connected.

Nicole Nivet, RDH
Howard County, Maryland

We as study club directors and meeting organizers are looking for that golden ticket, that speaker who makes us look good by having the good sense to book them. Casey Hein BSDH MBA is one of those rare speakers, a unique and interesting star in a sky full of common lights. During a time when implant restorative speakers are a dime a dozen, Casey has something new and exciting to offer: a new chapter in dentistry is about to be written, and Casey Hein will be the author. Her topic of “Oral Systemic Medicine” is the one topic we should all be bringing to our organizations and listening very closely to.

With an operating budget that allows us the leaders in education worldwide, we had the honor of hearing over 70 of the most respected speakers in the dental profession. This is the first testimonial we have ever felt compelled to write, Casey Hein’s topic and presentation is outstanding, and if you are looking for that “golden ticket” of a speaker, Casey is the answer. Surely, very study club director should be considering her as their first call in planning their study club curriculum. We did, and our members thanked us, profusely.

You can hear her now, and be in the front of the line or hear her later and be bringing up the rear, the choice is yours. However, her topic of “Oral Systemic Medicine” will be a part of every practice in the very near future. Just as implant dentistry came into practice, so will Oral Systemic Medicine. The question is, where will you be? Casey Hein will get you where you want and need to be.

Dr. Gary L. Lindemoen and Jill Lindemoen COMSA COPMA RDA
Director and Coordinator Heartland Study Club
Fargo, North Dakota

a new chapter in dentistry

Casey, thank you for investing your time and talent in bringing this information to all healthcare providers. We all need to render complete health care to the people who seek our help.

Denise Buckman

We would like to say thank you for your presentation on ‘Effective Application of Periodontal-Systemic Research into Everyday Patient Care’ on October 30, 2007. Everyone loved your course content and how passionate you are to get this information to our patients. The comments on the evaluation forms were wonderful. We hope the opportunity arises again for you to lecture to our group. Also, thank you for being so prompt in corresponding with our office in setting up this meeting. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated. It was great to meet you.
Leo Trail DDS, MS
Northeast, Maryland

loved your course content and how passionate you are

educate our patients to a better level of health

Casey has done her homework. Her research and literature surveys clearly substantiate a link between periodontal disease and other systemic illnesses. It is important for us to share this information with all the medical community so that we can educate our patients to a better level of health.

Samuel D. Cappiello, DDS
McLean, Virginia

I really hope that Casey Hein’s passion for treating the whole person will come together soon.

Cindy Cox, RDH
Howard County, Maryland

I had the pleasure of having Casey Hein speak to my study club In January, 2008. WOW! The ‘OralSystemic Link’ is one of the most relevant issues in our field, no one covers the content like Casey! Her seminar will bring you up to speed and motivate you to be proactive in improving the clinical care that we provide. Her program will give you better information and rationale for treatment, and also enable you to better communicate with our physician colleagues on the importance of this topic. Casey has done her ‘homework,’ and it resonates in her program. She is a true professional!!!

Dale Sweeney, DDS
Port Huron, Michigan

motivate you to be proactive

What a great speaker- thank you for the shot in the arm that I need to help my patients! Casey really encouraged me.

Wendy Black, RDH
Howard County, Maryland

mission to connect research and knowledge with practical dentistry

It has been and continues to be my utmost privilege to be associated with Casey Hein as a colleague and a friend. She describes herself as a ‘renegade dental hygienist’ but has made it her mission to connect research and knowledge with practical dentistry and facilitate true collaborative relationships with other medical professionals.

Casey is a connector, a person who links up knowledge, things and people. She is a person with a special gift for bringing the world together. Casey Hein is not just a connector but THE CONNECTOR. Everyone and anyone associated with oral-systemic links are ‘six degrees’ from Casey Hein. If you have ever read Malcolm Gladwell, THE TIPPING POINT, then you will see that it is Casey that will create the ‘levels of momentum at which change becomes unstoppable.’ Above all, Casey Hein is a positive force in the universe, a person committed to her vision with passion, discipline and conscience.

WOW!!! Thank you so much for a spectacular presentation. Just a day later, I got over 10 calls or e-mails thanking us for the presentation. You created a real “buzz” in our community and we hope to build on the momentum. The quality of the presentation was excellent. The slides and animations were great. Your passion really came through.

You have an aura of ‘positive energy’ and we all love you.

Bruce Mandel, DDS
Baltimore Innovative Dental Seminars
Baltimore, Maryland

Ms. Hein is a first class speaker. She well fulfilled the expectations of the audience when she presented ‘Periodontal-Systemic Research: What does it mean for Physicians, Nurses, Dentists, Hygienists and all the Health Professions,’ at the first-ever joint continuing education program that offered credit to both physicians and nurses (CME) and oral healthcare providers in attendance. This well attended and high-visibility event was jointly sponsored by the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Dental Hygienists’ Association.

Casey made a very compelling presentation of scientifically supported information of the mechanisms implicated in the inflammatory pathway linking periodontal disease to systemic consequences, and provided attendees with ideas for practical application and interprofessional collaboration. She stimulated a dynamic discussion on implementation of oral-systemic interrelationships among a wide audience that included dental academicians, dental practitioners, nurses, dental hygienists, physicians and members from other health professions. Casey Hein has been an incredibly valuable asset to the line-up of speakers for Continuing Dental Education at the Faculty of Dentistry.

Hubert Benitez, DDS
Director, Continuing Dental Education
University of Manitoba, Faculty of Dentistry

compelling presentation of scientifically supported information

This is a very exciting presentation that came at just the right time in my career. I want to become much more comfortable with implementing this information. You are a mentor on this new frontier.

Mellicent Singham, RDH
Montgomery County, Maryland

evident that dentistry had entered a new age where oral health was a vital necessity and was no longer a cosmetic optional extra

Reviewing the September 2007 (Vol. 2 #3) of Grand Rounds in Oral Systemic Medicine, including the remarkable insert on the ‘Scottsdale Project,’ one is left with the same feeling as having listened to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony: that the composer had finally exhausted the medium to say all that could be said.

This announcement seemed to initiate a flood of research over the next five years, exploring these “connections” to where it becamecevident that dentistry had entered a new age where oral health was a vital necessity and was no longer a cosmetic optional extra. But what voice would emerge that could possibly to justice to this new paradigm?

The answer came in February of 2006 with Volume I #1 of the Grand Rounds in Oral Systemic Medicine. Here was a new genre of publication from powerful and practical Pennwell- neither an erudite publication of original research nor a commercial “Dental Economics”, it was a symphony composed of summaries of what was known by foremost investigators, complimented by groundbreaking illustrations adding thousand of words to our understanding.

Each issue focused on a subject and provided the Alpha and Omega regarding the connection to cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, complications of pregnancy, gerontology, cancer and immunology.

Fortunately the creators had the vision to immortalize each of these classics by making them available in digital form so that they could be used in the present and future for the individual dentists to print copies build bridges to their local medical partners as the standards of care shift to requiring co-management of oral-systemic conditions.

While productions of this magnitude involve the talents of hundreds of people there is always one individual who creates the spark to light the fire. For Grand Rounds it is evident that this composer was Casey Hein. It is rare that you find in one person the salesmanship to enroll a capitalistic Pennwell Publishing and supporting advertisers, the leadership to put the necessary talents together, the vision to see the total and the day to day determination and hard labor to produce the finished product.

While her 9th symphony has been composed for Grand Rounds we look forward to see how she will use these many talents to “Move the Oral-Systemic Connection beyond Dentistry.

Robert J. Schulhof AB,MA
Scientific Director, Centers for Dental Medicine

This course provides invaluable evidence-based information to help hygienists move toward comprehensive treatment modalities for patients total body wellness, not just oral health.

Mary M. Scibelli
St. Helen’s Shadow Study Club
Vancouver, Washington

Casey delivers a fresh, new look at the profession we have chosen. She is definitely forward thinking in her approach and challenges her audience to lay aside previous notions and look at what current research is revealing. Casey redefines clinical treatment modalities and guides the participant to take ownership of their education, utilizing new evidence based research to fully understand concepts such as host susceptibility, risk assessment, and looking beyond mere pocket depths-treating the entire health of the patient. With the instruction she provides the participant is challenged to take this information and utilize it in their practice-modifying not only the way treatment planning is implemented, but innovative ways to educate patients and improve the success of the periodontal therapist.

A very sincere and warm thank you from Oregon. Wow… your presentation was even more than what was expected. I cannot wait to read all of the course reviews. I have a hard time trying to put into words how spectacular your visit was. You are a class act! How inspired the participants are… keep up the great work you are doing for the future of dental hygiene. You are truly one forward thinking mover and shaker.

Lori Aus BA, RDH
Oregon Dental Hygienist’s Association
Professional Development Chair

challenges her audience to lay aside previous notions and look at what current research is revealing

Excellent source of the new research linking the body to oral health.

Martha Lindberg
St. Helen’s Shadow Study Club
Vancouver, Washington

I recently had the pleasure to share the podium with Casey Hein at a symposium on Oral Health and Systemic Health. Casey was a major draw card for our audience of dentists and dental hygienists and she did not let her audience down. A mix of enthusiasm and knowledge made Casey’s presentation world-class. We had nothing but excellent feedback on the content and style of Casey’s presentation. It is little wonder that Casey has been voted among the best presenters.

Mark Bartold, BDS, DDSc, PhD, FRACDS (Perio)
Director, Colgate Australian Clinical Dental Research Centre
Professor of Periodontics
University of Adelaide
Department of Dentistry
Adelaide, Australia

a mix of enthusiasm and knowledge made Casey’s presentation world-class

This is one of the most exciting classes I have attended. I finally feel like medical science and dentistry are coming together with a holistic approach. I would like Casey to come back.

Shelley Miller
St. Helen’s Shadow Study Club
Vancouver, Washington

greatest gift you can give a person is knowledge

It was truly a pleasure to meet and talk with you. I really cannot thank you enough for all your Yankee classes and for what you are doing for our dental profession and for our patients. Please do not stop reaching out to all the healthcare professions.

I know you heard this so many times before, but your presentations, your articles, your healthcare programs, your medical-dental knowledge and all your data were excellent. I must admit, I found myself being overwhelmed by the evidence, of such early systemic effects of periodontal disease and its medical impact. Your courses are helping me to understand it all. The greatest gift you can give a person is knowledge and I thank you for all your efforts.”

Thomas C. Schmidt DDS
Brewster, Massachusetts

I am very encouraged to continue my dental hygiene education as a result of this course.

Kristen Blair, RDH
Howard County, Maryland

This presentation delineated comprehensive and relevant research information which correlates periodontal disease with systemic disease manifestations. An outstanding and most stimulating presentation- we need more courses like this.

Richard Carlos Tatum, DDS, MPH, PHEHP
Howard County, Maryland

an outstanding and most stimulating presentation

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